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Homoeopathy  is the scientific system of medicine which heals and rejuvenates the sick individuals. It is holistic art of healing, curing the sick person as a whole, not only his parts.
Homeopathy believes that the highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.

It is based on eternal law of cure namely ‘Like Cures Like’. The truth of this law was discovered by a German scientist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. 

Homoeo Cure and Research Institute  was founded on May 17, 1993 by our esteemed Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma. We have ISO 9001:2008 Certification. Dr.Rajneesh is a renowned MD with qualifications like BSc, BHMS, MD (Homoeopathy), DI (Hom) London, hMD (UK) etc. and has been practicing Homoeopathy for more than 22+ years .He has trained his team over the years and today he has one of the best medical team to handle all kinds of medical cases.

Dr. Rajneesh  has dedicated his life to saving lives of patients of all ages suffering from chronic diseases through Homeopathic Treatment with no side effects. Our institute has numerous success stories of treatments and life changing outcomes. He has won several awards and accreditations for his achievements and contribution to science and treatment of people. Each passing day he continues in his mission of saving lives and curing people of all kinds of diseases.

We have online consultation and treat patients all across India and overseas. Our panel of doctors evaluates the medical issues of our patients in depth and send medicines India and overseas on a monthly basis. A regular follow up with the patients is conducted to ensure faster and effective treatments. 

We have successfully treated 1.52 lakh patients  over the last  23 years  and we are confident that we can cure almost any kind of illness without any side effects.

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We have done extensive research work in efficacy of homeopathy medicines in treatment of all kinds of diseases. As of now, we have been close to 12,000 research reports for studies conducted by our team of specialized doctors. 

We would suggest you to go through our research material based on the illness you are looking for treatment.  

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Dear Sir,
One of my daughters friend has Chondroma and is under treatment, Need your help as he is not completely cured, I have marked him on the mail, Kindly help.
Dear Arun,
Dr Rajnish is one of the best in Homeopathy and has treated several cases, my friend is also under treatment with him and has not undergone any surgeries that were recommended by the Allopathy doctors and doing well. He will send you the patient form which you need to fill up fully and share all your reports and conditions, do not miss to mention any problems that you are currently facing or that you have had in the past, he will share the medication which you can buy from a nearby store and start your treatment, I am sure it should help you cure…
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Bangalore – 560098 | Tel : +91 80 4865 4538


My sister(Miss khushboo Manchanda)who is referred by my cousin brother (Mr.Nitin Manchanda) as well as my mother (Mrs.Renu Manchanda)is already taking treatment from you and sister is showing wonderful results,I don't know how to thank you,like you won't believe nothing was working out for her earlier,doctors out here in Delhi weren't able to cure her out,deeply obliged and blessed to have you by our side,feels you are incarnation of healer/god itself.

Sanjay Jha:
Doctor saheb namaskar. Hope you are fine.  Thanks for treating my sarcodoisis so well. My father, 78, had some problem in the left eye. Doctors diagonesed it as retina haemorrhage and blockage. They suggested intravitreal injection. I found out homeopathy has better treatment. Kindly suggest medicine. His right eye is fine. Can see from left eye too but cant read. Low vision. Allopathy says slow recovery and uncertain result. Thanks, sanjay k jha, telegraph newspaper.

V Batra:
My wife Anjali Batra underwent your treatment for PCOD.
She is pregnant now with 22 weeks 6 days, Her last LMP was 21 Feb 2016.
We thank you for your treatment & support.
Currently she is not taking any homeopathy medicine since Feb 2016.
Now we would like to know if Homeopathy medicines can help during Pregnancy & labour. We wish to have a normal delivery & not C section.

Dr. D C :
Thank u so much sir For the immediate and hopeful response from u. Sir I impressed from u to read ur articles of cured cases, I felt that case taking and converting the patient’s symptoms into repertory symptoms is difficult work for me without any expert guide, in this regard I contacted to Indian doctors but they did not response as u. India is more advance than US and UK in homoeopathy and Indian doctors make struggle to promote the homoeopathy. I like v much to all Indian homoeopaths.
It seems that ur guidance will make an innovative turn in my practice of homoeopathy and I’ll be able to prove the best results of homoeo medicines as written in the books.


Mr. K. K. :
Dear Rajneesh, Greetings,Yesterday my friend Manju called me and in our conversation we both were  appreciating you so much.
Thank you so much for helping my friend mom. You are like a spark, bringing hope and light to many people. I am fortunate to be your friend.With respect to my mom: She is doing good with carbo veg itseems and has less oedema. As we thought I will ask my mom to take Strophanthus 200 weekly for 3-4 wks.

Ms. J Kaur (Mother) C/O, P S, New Delhi:
Regarding my mother Jaswinder Kaur, she is currently at AUSTRALIA and her latest health status is as under :
1. She is feeling well, doing all household work, do walk & no problems.
2. Clinically fit …no problems.
3. Hair Fall:- Normal.
4. Eyes blurriness:- Near sight has improved and started reading without specs.

Mr. A Singh :
A case of Sarcoidosis- 04-01-2014. Sir with your treatment all joint pains are gone by 99%. No cough.  

Mr. Kavin:
Thanks Rajneesh.
I was telling to Vinod the other day that for past 2 years I was so happy and relaxed because Dr Rajneesh is there for me to treat our family.I always include you & your family in my daily prayers.  

Ms.Debo Bel:
Dear sir, This is to inform u that it’s been a month i took u r medicine and now i am ok.
it‘s all because of your  medicine, it’s real miracle. Thank u sir it really helped me to over come this problem. 

Ms. Priyanka Sawhney:
Dear Dr. Rajneesh, I was going through the link you have posted on facebook. Firstly I would like to congratulate you on so many achievements.
It is an honour to know you and be associated with you even as a patient. You have cured my best friend of Sarcoidosis and she is healthy and fit now. Thank you so much!

Mr. Nieraj Bhatnagar:
Dear Sir, Thanks once again,
she is totally cured and for the first time  is without any sinus and cold.
May God bless you with extraordinary curing powers to help serve mankind.  

Mr. Yath:

Sir, I don’t know how to thank you, her eye test shows significant improvement and her blood test reports are awaited, she is not on any allopathic medicine(steroids and azaron) now.
You have been a great saviour.We know many patients in Bangalore who have similar problem and will share your email id for them to seek your help.

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