Our Team and Participants

In Holy Mission of Healing suffering Humanity

Our Homeopathy Centre has a team of qualified, dedicated,well trained and experienced doctors,physiotherapists, supervisors,etc who have been working diligently to ensure best of customer service, comfort, effective  and timely treatment is given to the patients.

Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD (Homoeopathy)

Dr. Swati Vishnoi BHMS

Dr. Preetika Lakhera BHMS

Dr.  Mohammad Tayyab Daud BHMS

Dr. Mohammad Tayyab Amir BHMS

Dr. Deepika Vishwakarma BHMS

Dr. Manoj Singh Chauhan D Pharm, BHMS

Dr. Vaishnavi Rathore BHMS                                  Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma

Dr. Shabnam Jahan BHMS

Dr. Umesh Kumar DPT

Dr. Javed Aslam BEMS                                                                                                        Dr. Swati Vishnoi

Dr. Sonu Verma DMLT                                         

Dr. Aslam Taj BHMS

Dr. Reena Rawat BHMS                                         

Dr. Nancy Rastogi BPT, MIAP                                                                                            

Dr. Priyanka Arora BPT                                             Dr. Preetika Lakhera                                                        

Dr. Ruchi Rajput BHMS

Dr. Abhishek Kumar BHMS                                                                                        Dr. Deepika Viswakarma

Dr. Ashutosh Kaushik BHMS

Dr. Amit Vatsal MPT                                                         

Dr. Yashweer Singh MD (Homoeopathy)                       

Dr. Gaurang Mahapatra MD  (Homoeopathy)                                                                           

Dr. Jitendra Kumar BHMS

Dr. Narendra Gill MD (Homoeopathy)                                                                                

Dr. Mala Sharma BHMS

Dr. Rinku Malhotra BHMS                                                                                                    Dr. Sonu Verma

Dr. Sushma Yadav BEMS                                                Dr. Javed Aslam

Dr. Neha Mishra BEMS                                                     

Mrs. Maya Vishnoi

Mrs. Kanchan Gupta                                                                                                               

Mr. Ravi Prajapati

Mr. Dinesh Chandra Arya                                                                                                      

Mr. Nipendra Singh

Mr. Shakeel Saify

Mr. Jai Kishan                                                                                            Dr. Manoj Singh Chauhan                         

Mrs. Bala Basanta

Mr. Horilal Saini

Mr. Sharif Ahmad

Mr. Shiva Vishnoi

Ms. Rekha Gola

Mr. Chitranjan Banerjee

Mrs. Sushma Banerjee

Mr. Gaurav

Mr. Sanjay

Mr. Anmol

Ms. Rinky

Mr. Vishnu





Homoeo Cure & Research Institute

(Homoeopathic Remedies to Cure Diseases with Best Team of Top  Doctors   in India)

Homoeo Cure and Research Institute

(An ISO 9001:2008, 9001:2015 Certified Hospital)

The Institute was founded in the name of Homoeo Cure and Research Centre in historical place of India- Kashipur of Uttarakhand State about 23

years ago. It is situated at very easy to reach approach, adjacent to National Highway 74, Near Dhela Bridge at Kashipur Nagar Nigam. Kashipur is

famous for its mega Industries, pilgrimage, ruminants of Pandava’s castle, Chaiti Fare, Moteshwar Mahadev Temple, Girisarovar, Drona Lake etc.

Originally, the Hospital was having only out patient department and Homoeopathic dispensary. With time, the hospital got enriched with indoor

patient department and a special wing of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation facilities.

Now, the Institute is famous, all over the world, as Homoeopathy Hospital or Dr. Rajneesh’s Homoeopathy Centre.


The Homoeo Cure and Research Institute is now having almost all the basic diagnostic and treatment facilities in its various departments given below:

OPD- Attended by well experienced and skilled doctors
IPD- General and Private wards
Case Taking- Manual and computerized
Repertory- Manual and various software of repute- RADAR 10, CARA, Similia, Hompath etc.
Pharmacy- Manufacturing and dispensing of high quality Homoeopathic remedies
Radiology- Ultrasound, X Ray of all types (Plain, Contrast, IVP, Barium Meal, HSG, Mammography etc.)
Cardiology- ECG, Echo, TMT, Phonocardiography, Pulse Oximetry etc.
Endoscopy- Otoscopy, Rhinoscopy (Anterior and Posterior), Laryngoscopy
Pathology- All type of investigations of blood, urine, semen, sputum, CSF, Ascitic fluid, LP, Biopsy etc.
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation- Well qualified and skilled doctors and staff, Digital Traction, Short wave Diathermy, Laser, Ultrasonic Therapy, Muscle Stimulator, Continuous Passive Motion, Vacuum Therapy, Wax Therapy, Infra-red Therapy, TENS, Interferential Therapy, Treadmill, Thera Bands, Hydroculator, Chryotherapy, Microwave Therapy, Ultra Violet Therapy, Long wave Therapy, Exercise ball, Tee Pulley, Shoulder wheel, Abduction Ladder, Quadriceps Chair, Hand and Wrist Exercisers, Digital Walker etc..
Library- A well-furnished and rich collection of books and e-books on various subjects, more than 4000 books ready to be read all the time.